Sustainable, modular and circular photobioreactor


ALGAE is a sustainable, modular and circular photobioreactor, with the ability to sequester CO2, generate energy and reproduce itself.  When you hear the word microalgae, you immediately think of the green slimy mass from a lake or an aquarium but these organisms are much more than that. Microalgae use the process of photosynthesis to build their own biomass from light and CO2. During this process, the microalgae pull CO2 from the air and bind it in to themselves, during this process a lot of energy is released that can be captured and stored.‍


ALGAE was designed to ideally support the processes of photosynthesis to build their own biomass from light and CO2. Outside air is fed into the individual honeycomb-shaped containers, which is cleaned of CO2 and pollutants with the help of the microalgae inside, and released back into the air. The energy released as the microalgae grow is stored and used to pump the outside air into the containers. These containers can be removed individually to harvest the microalgae from them. These microalgae can then be processed into bioconstituents, which can be used again to make containers for cultivation. The CO2 in the microalgae is not released again, but is bound into the new product.

ALGAE can be expanded at will due to its modularity and is suitable both as a structure on facades and in a sculptural context. This makes this product ideal for use in urban spaces.

Energy, Sustainability
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