Creating a warm & inviting ambiance


The „Nota L“ lamp is a captivating addition to any space. Part of the esteemed „Nota Light“ series, it showcases an innovative advancement over its smaller counterpart. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lamp shares the same materials and structure, as well as its remarkable air-purifying properties and technical internals.


With its thoughtful design, the „Nota L“ lamp offers effortless interchangeability of technical components, ensuring flexibility and ease of maintenance. This eliminates the need for additional manufacturing, resulting in a more sustainable and resource-efficient solution.

The standout features of this lamp lie in its size and elegant simplicity. Its larger surface area allows for the effective removal of a significant amount of pollutants from the air, making it a highly efficient air purifier. Notably, it accomplishes this without requiring any additional energy input.

Creating a warm and inviting ambiance, the „Nota L“ lamp emits a pleasant light with minimal blue light content. Its sleek and timeless form adds a touch of sophistication to any space, making it a valuable addition to both modern and classic interiors.

Experience the seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics with the „Nota L“ lamp, where innovative design meets practicality. Let its enchanting presence elevate your environment, while its air-purifying capabilities enhance the quality of your surroundings.

3D Print, Sustainable
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