The Power Paste Project


W.001 is a concept for a cartridge system that was designed for the POWERPASTE project by the Fraunhofer IFAM Institute.



The technology is based on the chemical reaction between magnesium hydride, the main ingredient of POWERPASTE, and water. The reaction yields hydrogen and magnesium hydroxide as the only, non-toxic byproduct. Half of the produced hydrogen originates from the water, which is the reason for the ultra-high specific energy of POWERPASTE. Hydrogen generation with POWERPASTE is highly dynamic, while the material can still be safely handled.

Electricity is generated from POWERPASTE and water in a fully automated fuel cellbased power generator, which doses both materials to match the hydrogen demand of its fuel cell at any time.

POWERPASTE is an ultra-high capacity hydrogen storage substance for PEM fuel cell applications invented and developed by Fraunhofer IFAM. POWERPASTE releases hydrogen on contact with water. It contains about 10 mass-% hydroge (1 kg hydrogen = 10 kg POWERPASTE).

This is a specific energy of 1600 Wh/kg and energy density of 1900 Wh/liter after conversion (10 times the capacity ofLi-ion batteries). POWERPASTE is patented and offers many advantages over other energy storage technologies, in particular in the power range from 100 W to 10 kW.

W.001 is part of the further development of the TRL 5 prototype by the Fraunhofer IFAM. The cartridge, based on a deposit system, combines individual components of this prototype, allowing for a much more compact design and a modular structure of this system.

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